Museum Director

Press Release | March 1, 2024

Weyerhaeuser to step down as Director of the Art Complex Museum

The Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, MA announces the retirement of its Director, Charles Weyerhaeuser.

The Art Complex Museum opened its doors in June, 1971, housing the personal art collection of Charles Weyerhaeuser’s parents, Carl A. and Edith Weyerhaeuser. Charles, or “Charlie,” as he is known to the museum community, has held the position of Director for over 50 years, assuming the position in 1973, after the death of the museum’s first Director, Ture Bengtz.

A graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Charlie was closely involved with the construction of the museum, and has served as its President.

In his years as Director, Charlie has led the Art Complex and its staff to fulfill the mission of the museum as articulated by his parents: “To create a place that inspires curiosity, where people could gather, enjoy beauty, and learn about the arts.” Over the years, the museum has showcased the works of hundreds of artists in various media—paintings, prints, ceramics, sculptures, and furniture. Exhibits and events reflect changing interests through the years, and the museum continues to acquire new work for its collections. In addition to exhibits, the museum provides many opportunities for visitors to engage with the arts, through its concerts, demonstrations, gallery talks, and educational programs.

Honoring his parents’ intent, it is a testament to Charlie’s commitment that the museum continues to offer free admission to its visitors. Most recently, Charlie saw the museum through an exciting renovation, positioning the museum as an important South Shore arts venue for many years to come.

The Art Complex is never the same place twice, which keeps visitors returning to this unique place. Charlie has always been the museum and staff’s most ardent supporter, and visitors know that they will always see him at museum events.

The search for a new Director has commenced, and Weyerhaeuser will remain in the role until the new Director is in place. At that time, Weyerhaeuser will take on the new role of Chief Historian of the Art Complex Museum, in which he will collaborate with the museum’s Collections staff to document the history of the Art Complex, its collection, and additional acquisition details of key objects in the collection.

Details about the job search can be found on the website of Museum Search and Reference.