Boston South Visual Art Trail

Looking for a day trip? Or perhaps an “art-full” afternoon? The Art Complex Museum is a part of the Boston South Visual Art Trail, a collaboration these five arts-based organizations located south of Boston:

The goal for this collaboration is to be able to direct our visitors to other venues for seeing art. Each organization’s exhibits change frequently, and each offers so many activities and events that there is always a reason to go back for another visit.

Each location is no more than a 40-minute drive from the others, and they have much in common:

  • They are small museums that host rotating art exhibits throughout the year.
  • They offer art-related programming, classes, and workshops
  • Admission is free at each location. (Yes, free!)

Brochures are available at each location, and also may be downloaded from each organization’s website. All galleries at these museums are wheelchair accessible.