The scope of the Art Complex Museum’s permanent collection is rooted in the personal interests of museum co-founder, Carl A. Weyerhaeuser (1901-1996) and his wife Edith Greenleaf Weyerhaeuser (1912-2000). The major strengths of the collection, which numbers in excess of eight thousand art objects are American paintings; Shaker furniture and artifacts; and works on paper, the majority of which are American and European prints. Also of great significance is the Asian art collection, which encompasses paintings, bronzes and ceramics dating from prehistoric times.

Carl Weyerhaeuser continued to take an active role in developing this collection throughout his life. A major acquisition enhanced the already diverse holdings with over eighteen hundred objects. This transformed them into a world-wide collection. These have been shared and documented through exhibitions and catalogues at The Art Complex Museum. The collection continues to grow in depth and scope through regular acquisitions, including contemporary work from regional artists.

A catalog, “Highlights of the Collection” is available for purchase.