Sculpture by Nora Valdez

(Argentine, 20th century)
Internationally-known stone sculptor, Nora Valdez, has multiple sculptures installed on the grounds of the museum, as well as pieces in the reading garden at the Duxbury Free Library, which is at 77 Alden Street, up the road from the Art Complex Museum.

Valdez lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts, and her sculptures represent the nature of change, the life of the individual, and the forces that wear upon the human soul. Her immigrant-themed work describes the challenge of those caught within unfamiliar systems who seek the security of home.

Valdez is a member of the Boston Sculptors Gallery and a Professor at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in West Rutland, Vermont.

Inside Home

Carved limestone and metal
65 x 18 x 15.5 in.

Inside the Home represents the immigrant experience of drifting from one place to another in search of home.

According to the artist, the search is not merely for a geographic location, but the home within one’s heart. The figures in Inside Home hold precious objects such as pets, books, dolls, and other stuffed toys that offer security and remnants of home.


Indiana limestone

Passage includes four pieces representing critical moments in a journey.

Baggage, 2019
Are you packed and ready to go? Or are you leaving baggage behind?

Voiceless #1, 2019
Sometimes we feel alone when facing momentous decisions.

One More Step, 2022
Confronting the reality that each step can lead to many more steps or even ladders to climb.

Voiceless #2, 2019
Sometimes, too rarely, we are embraced when facing momentous decisions.

Baggage, 2019

Voiceless #1, 2019

One More Step, 2022

Voiceless #2, 2022