Past Exhibitions

2022 Exhibitions

Jackie Reeves: Big Plans  May 18 – July 10

ACM@50+1: May 18 – September 4

Complex Muses: May 18 – September 4

Rotations: ACM Photo Album: May 18 – September 4

Gretchen Moran: August 7, 13, 14

Gillian Christy: Tabernacle Tableau: July 17 – September 18

2021 Exhibitions

The museum was closed for major renovations to the building and grounds.

2020 Exhibitions

The museum closed on March 13, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2019 Exhibitions

Duxbury Art Association Winter Juried Show  February 3 – April 13

Rotations: Reproducibility Setting the Tone   February 3 – April 13

BLOOM: Collage painting by Marcia Ballou February 24 – May 12

Some Assembly Required April 28 – September 1
Michael Ulman, Donna Rhae Marder, Martin Ulman, Lisa Kokin, Yuri Tozuka, John McQueen, Michael Stasiuk,Tom Deinninger, Jee Hye Kwon

Printmakers of Cape Cod: Floating Worlds  May 19 – August 11

Rotations: Working the Land   April 28 – September 1

Steve Novick: Approximation August 18 – November 10

Draw The Line September 15 – January 12
Shona Macdonald, Shane Savage-Rumbaugh, Lesley Cohen, Sandra Allen, John Roman, Michele Lauriat, Cobi Moules, Stephen Cipullo, Tim McDonald

Rotations: Nocturne   September 15 – January 12

George Herman: Found Paintings November 17 – February 16, 2019

2018 Exhibitions

Duxbury Art Association Annual Winter Juried Show and Founders Exhibition
February 4 – April 22

Rotations: New Acquisitions – Women’s Work February 4 – April 22

Irena Roman: Second Wind February 25 – May 13

Monotype Guild of New England: Fifth National Monotype/Monoprint Juried Exhibition May 6 – September 2

Rotations: Rengetsu, Buddhist Nun and Artist May 6 – September 2

Karie O’Donnell: Every Bird has a Story May 20 – August 12

Oyster Farm Photographs: Evvy Eisen & Jim Hooper August 19 – November 4

New England Watercolor Society Biennial North American Open
September 16 – January 13, 2019

Rotations: The Art of Craft – Native American Highlights September 16 – January 13, 2019

ArtSynergies Presents: Fusion November 10 – February 17, 2019
Lee Connolly Weill, Mary Doering, Barbara Ford Doyke, Martine Jore, Sara David Ringler, Alan Trugman, Joyce Zavorskas

2017 Exhibitions

Rotations: Objects from the Permanent Collection

Duxbury Art Association Annual Winter Juried Show  February 5 – April 23

Michael Sullivan: A Magical Narrative February 26 – May 14

Wood as Muse May 7 – September 3
Amy Archambault, Thomas Beale, Donna Dodson, Breon Dunigan, Vanessa German, Pat Keck, Maskull Lasserre, Jennifer Maestre, Jason Middlebrook, Andy Moerlein, Martin Ulman, Mike Wright

Painted Shapes: Contemporary White Line Woodcuts May 21 – August 13
Annie Bissett, Barbara Adner, Barbara Epstein, Barbara Neel, Dean Bandes, Elizabeth (Zibby) Pyle, Fay Giarratani, Lisa Houck, Gayle Smalley, Jeanne Heiple, Julie Gray, Maggie Mattson, Mary Beth Maisel, Amy McGregor-Radin, Maureen Cook, Nancy Crasco, Patti Ryan, Sally Young

Mel Leipzig and Friends  August 20 – November 5

Close to Home September 17 – January 14, 2018
Artist Curator- Elizabeth Michelman
Fran Bull, Louise Farrell, MaryEllen Latas, Nora Valdez, Roya Amigh, Heather Park Hanlon, Emilie Lemakis, Kirstin Lamb, Susan Alport

The Immediacy of Abstraction: Diane Novetsky and JoAnne Rothschild
November 12 – February 18

2016 Exhibitions

Rotations: Objects from the Permanent Collection

Duxbury Art Association Annual Winter Juried Show  February 7 – April 24

Compelling Progressions: Explorations in Encaustic February 21 – May 15
Pat Gerkin, Donna Hamil Talman, Charyl Weissbach

Double Visions May 8 – September 4
Jesseca Ferguson, Caleb Cole; Lisa Howard, Alyn Carlson; Mark DelGuidice, Lisa and Scott Cylinder; Judith Brassard Brown, Catalino Viejo; Sue Aygarn Kowalski, Yoko Zelsterman-Miyaji; Phyllis Berman, Marilu Swett; Brad Story, Nina Fletcher; George Nick, Julia von Metzsch; Eric Aho, Toby Bartles; Dot Krause, Merike van Zanten; Mitch Ryerson, Liz Welch; Jessica Straus, Antoinette Winters; Chris Gustin, Barry Bartlett.

Lisa Daria Kennedy: Daily Paintings May 22 – August 14

Paul Bloodgood August 21 – November 6

Night Becomes Us: Nighttime photographs by the Greater Boston Night Photographers September 18 – January 15, 2017
Jurgen Lobert, Elizabeth Ryan, Derrick Morin, Rupesh Rajagopalan, Romit Maity

Full Tilt Print Studio November 13 – February 19, 2017

2015 Exhibitions

Rotations: Objects from the Permanent Collection

Duxbury Art Association Annual Winter Juried Show February 8 – April 26

Shaker Works, Then and Now: A Young Person’s Interpretation of the Shaker Form February 22 – May 17
Students of Gerry Clifford at the Dedham Country Day School

Look Again: ACM Collection Inspires the Boston Printmakers  May 17 – September 6

Diane Barker Price: Untamed Forest    May 24 – August 16

Michael Kahn and Onne van der Wal August 23 – November 8

Cannot Be Described In Words: Drawing/Daring Through January 17, 2016
Guest Curator – Deborah Davidson
Jill Slosberg-Ackerman, Ilona Anderson, Sheila Gallagher, Audrey Goldstein, Raul Gonzalez, Chuck Holtzman, Fred Liang, Cynthia Maurice, Ethan Murrow, Randal Thurston, Debra Weisberg

Meredith d’Ambrosio: Landscapes of the North Countries Through February 14

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