Family Activities

Children are always welcome to visit the Art Complex Museum with their families!

Stop by the front desk and ask about “Scavenger Hunt” activity pages for the current exhibit.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Many sculptures are installed around the museum grounds. Use this Scavenger Hunt sheet as you stroll the landscaped paths of the museum.

When the museum is open, you will find large, laminated copies of this sheet near the front desk. Each has a dry-erase marker attached to it.

The museum grounds are open daily. If the museum is not open when you visit, you can download the sheet here:

Download Scavenger Hunt Sheet (PDF)

Wanda Gág Coloring Sheet

Children’s book illustrator Wanda Gág is best known for her publication, Millions of Cats (1928), which is the oldest American picture book still in print.

This coloring page is adapted from her print, Siesta (1973).

Download Coloring Sheet (PDF)

“Celebration” Scavenger Hunt

Created in 2022 by local artist, Marcia Ballou, Celebration is a mural rendered in Ballou’s signature, cheerful color palette with nature-inspired imagery. It was created at the museum as the centerpiece of an “Artist in Residence” program.

Installed on an exterior wall of one of the museum’s buildings, the mural offers a wonderful opportunity for a scavenger hunt!

This scavenger hunt invites viewers to locate a variety of birds, moths, and butterflies.

Download Celebration Scavenger Hunt (PDF)