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CHEATING at Perspective

A Summer 2020 Virtual Drawing Workshop

John Roman: Instructor

June 13 and June 20

10 AM -12 PM



A virtual workshop based on the (March 2020) Artists Magazine feature article written by John Roman.

Artists are aware modern-day “perspective” drawing was discovered during the years of the Renaissance (1435-1550 AD). What’s not as well known, however, is the fact that countless Renaissance artists were intimidated by the geometry and mathematics associated with “technical” perspective drawing…so, they practiced a form of approximate perspective in their paintings and drawings.

This workshop will introduce you to quick ways to draw convincing perspective. Based on principles first conceived by the artists of the Renaissance, we will experiment with ways to capture depth in our art without the dry, technical rules most of us associate with perspective.

Based on the instructor’s feature article in the March 2020 issue of Artists Magazine…this workshop will meet for two consecutive Saturday mornings as a group. During the classroom meetings the instructor will do online demonstrations describing the processes for drawing from observation using “approximate” perspective…and not relying on the hard-and-fast rules of “technical” perspective.

After the first session, students will complete drawing projects on their own time from the development of preliminary rough sketches to a finished drawing (subjects to be determined).

The following week (Monday June 15 – Friday June 19), the instructor will meet with students online during non-class time on a one-to-one basis (at pre-determined times) for review and critique of their work in progress. Students may also send works in-progress to the instructor as JPEGs for additional e-mail review and comments.

The second Saturday class-time session will be utilized for a group critique of the drawings created, as well as an additional demonstration and a PowerPoint presentation on subjects related to observational drawing.

In a non-mathematical manner, the main focus of the course will be on introducing students to how to intuitively represent 3-dimensional space in their drawings and paintings.

This class will be held using Google Meets meeting. Upon registration, you will be supplied with the link to the meeting.

Supplies for this class are a sketchbook and drawing pencils of your choice. More details will be given in the first session.

 John Roman has been teaching Perspective Drawing at Massachusetts College of Art and Design since 1993. He is also the author of The Art of Illustrated Maps (Simon & Schuster/HOW Books, 2015), and an award-winning illustrator ( He has written for Communication Arts magazine, Artist’s Magazine, Drawing, Professional Artist and Print magazine. Roman’s article, “Urban Sketchers and Plein-Aire Painters: Descendants of The Renaissance,” appeared in the November 2019 issue of Artist’s Magazine.

To read the online article please click this link.

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