Past Gallery Talks & Demonstrations

Gallery Talk: Andrae Green

January 13, 2024
2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Massachusetts artist Andrae Green, gave a gallery talk about his exhibit Palindrome: Back to Hope, which is on display in our Phoenix Gallery until February 11, 2024.

Growing up on the island of Jamaica, Green remembers his father bringing the family to Kingston Harbor and watching the young boys jump off the docks, into the abyss. Their fearless trust in the sea always fascinated him. Their leaps of faith inspired him.

Since moving to western Massachusetts and no longer having easy access to the sea, Green feels a longing that has translated into his most recent body of work: paintings that speak to the limitless potential for human imagination and freedom (a perspective that is very needed in these times) and drawings about weightlessness and freedom, all inspired by bodies of water and the Caribbean landscape. Green says that in the Caribbean mind, the sea, “Brings both joy and fear, love and hate, hope and resentment.”
Green’s “Divers” series is featured in this article: