Recent Acquisitions

The Art Complex Museum is pleased to announce that it added 25 objects to its permanent collections over the course of 2023. Ranging from a book of poems and etchings published in the late 19thcentury to a selection of relief prints chronicling shared experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, the works acquired by the museum in 2023 were chosen by the museum’s Collection Committee based on criteria that prioritize a potential acquisition’s relevance to the scope of the collection, and its alignment with the museum’s mission.

Works acquired in 2023 include paintings by Andrae Green and Lisa Houck, functional art furniture by Mitch Ryerson and Leah Kathleen Woods, a Josiah Wedgwood & Sons ceramic plate with a design by Clare Leighton, and works on paper including relief prints by Ellen Shattuck Pierce and Carl Rantz, woodcuts by Lyell Castonguay, and serigraphs by Corita Kent and Edward Landon.

A portion of the recently acquired serigraphs, or screenprints, by Edward Landon will be on view in Serigraphs by Edward Landon in the museum’s Rotations Gallery from February 4 – April 14, 2024 alongside works added to the collection earlier in the museum’s history. Landon exhibited at the Art Complex Museum in 1981, and gave the museum one of his prints, Land’s End, at the close of the exhibit. At two later dates, one of the two being in 2023, more of his work came into the museum from a generous member of Landon’s family.

Poets and Etchers, an early and important book of the etching revival, was added to the Carl A Weyerhaeuser Library’s Special Collections. The book includes poems by T. B. Aldrich, W. C. Bryant, R. W. Emerson, J. R. Lowell, H. W. Longfellow, and J. G. Whittier, together with etchings and vignettes by artists A F. Bellows, Samuel Colman, Henry Farrer, R. Swain Gifford, and J. D. Smillie.

All of these works were chosen to provide new exhibition opportunities, to add context to existing work in the collection, and to enhance the experience of visitors for years to come. The museum is sincerely grateful for the generosity of those who donated artwork in 2023. We are also grateful to those whose offers did not align with the museum’s mission and scope of collections, and hope you will continue to consider the Art Complex Museum for future gifts.

The scope of the Art Complex Museum’s permanent collection is rooted in the personal interests of museum co-founders, Carl A. Weyerhaeuser and Edith Greenleaf Weyerhaeuser. Since the Museum was established in 1971, the collection has grown through significant gifts, bequests, and acquisitions.

The major strengths of the collection are American Paintings; Shaker Furniture & Artifacts; Works on Paper, the majority of which are American and European prints; Asian Art, which encompasses paintings, bronzes and ceramics; and Additional Treasures, a diverse group of exceptional objects that include European painting, Native North American art, Middle Eastern art, Contemporary American craft and more.

If you wish to offer a gift or acquisition opportunity to the Art Complex Museum, please contact the museum’s Collections Staff.

A sampling of acquisitions

Andrae Green, Chasing Paradise, 2022, oil and acrylic on canvas

Corita Kent, there is only one man in the world, 1967, serigraph

Lyell Castonguay, The Water Keeps What is Lost, 2020, color woodcut

Ellen Shattuck Pierce, Winter Peril, 2021, relief cut